What You Need To Know About Using Clip In Hair Extensions

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Do you have short to medium-long hair and considering clip hair extensions. The first thing to do is make sure you purchase natural, human hair extensions. Synthetic extensions are more laborious to style, while human hair can be styled merely as if it were your hair.

What is a clip in hair extensions?

Clip hair extensions clip on below your natural hair allowing you to add volume and length as needed. You can think of them as human hair wigs but only much more discrete and enables you to style your hair however you please.

How to use clip in hair extensions?

You put on the clip in hair extensions in sections. Start by making a ponytail on the top of your head, leaving about the bottom 2 inches free at the base of your skull. If you tip your head back, the point where it flexes on your neck is the base.

Now clip the ponytail out of the way, leaving just the section hanging free. Take the first clip, and clip it onto the loose hair on one side of your head. Clip the next one to the other hand, and finish by clipping the 3rd extension in the middle. Now, you have a narrow strip of natural hair across the back of your skull, with three extensions clipped on.

Now, take your ponytail down and part your hair again, throughout the back of your head, about 1 inch above the natural hair in the hair clips. This layer of natural hair will fall over the clips, partially hiding them. It will also provide you with a brand-new area of hair for the clips. You can use the clips similar to you did the very first layer, or utilise smaller areas of natural hair and add more extensions. You’ll clip the side areas just above the ears.

As before, resection your ponytail. As soon as again, you’ll have a narrow strip of natural hair covering the clip hair extensions you merely added. On this 3rd layer, you begin utilising double-clip extensions. You’ll need about 3 of the double-clip extensions to get around the back of the head.

Re-section your ponytail once again, just as you have done three times, once again, leaving about a 1-inch strip of hair falling over the second clips you merely installed. The clips you connect now will be in random spacing. The main point to keep in mind is to not line them up precisely with the clips below them. You can use any variety of clips here.

Finish up by sectioning off the sides of your head. Take a little pinch of hair about 3 inches above your ear. Clip a small extension on that pinch of hair. Repeat this treatment on the other side of your head.

Now that you have put on your clip hair extension, you can then style your hair as you usually do. All that is left is to enjoy it! If somebody asks if it’s all your hair, state, “Yes!” After all, you bought those extensions, so they’re yours!

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